Safe Haven has been responsible for the safe placement of hundreds of horses!

Safe Haven works with the race tracks, trainers, and rescue organizations to provide these wonderful animals a second chance at a career and loving home.  Rescued horses are brought to the farm where their physical needs are assessed and taken care of while they are allowed to enjoy some well earned rest and relaxation. 

Once healed, both inside and out, the horses are again assessed for their abilities, aptitudes and attitudes.  Re-schooling into one of many riding disciplines is then instituted with bright new careers started as:

     Hunter-Jumpers                 Dressage

     Pleasure/Trail                       Companion Animals

     Polo Ponies                           Eventing

     Fox Hunters                          Family Pets

Horses are carefully matched to new owners to ensure loving, secure, forever placements.   Safe Haven Equine requires that all adoptions be transacted with a First Refusal contract.

Safe Haven works with Turning for Home in regard to race horse rehabilitations and is a proud friend and supported of the Work to Ride program of
Philadelphia PA.