Thoroughred Race Training

Kate Goldenberg is a licensed trainer working from her home farm.  Her philosophy encompasses the horse's need to 'be a horse' meaning she finds they can only give their best when they feel their best.  To achieve that, the horse must be supported and helped to be both mentally and physically prepared.

Whether they're racing, rehabilitating, waiting to foal, or being re-schooled for a new lease on Safe Haven each animal is given the space to breath, room to move about, and the opportunity to find themselves so that no matter what they are asked to do, they are ready - willing - and able to do it.

Benefits of Race Training from Safe Haven:

  1. Location, Location, Location - Safe Haven is accessible to all of the east coast's major race tracks.
  2. RIght Choices - Being able to work at more tracks allows for the selection of the exact right race for each horse precisely when they're primed and ready to race.
  3. Better Prepared - Horses are exercised on the farm daily and then taken to the track for regular speed work-outs and gate training allowing them to learn to 'get their game face on' and be more mentally prepared on race day.
  4. Reduced Costs - Daily fees are less than boarding at the race tracks.
  5. Control and Options - More control and choices on feed, bedding materials, water, etc.
  6. Exercise and Fresh Air - Daily turn-out year round.